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SEM | Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the quickest way to obtain new clients online!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be easily divided into two sections, The Google Display Network PPC and the Google Search Network PPC.

The Display Network is an enormous network of websites that have been Google AdSense enabled. That means that when potential customers are looking at relevant content on the internet regarding products or services related to your industry they can locate your ad and click through to your online store or website. This is the essence of Display Network PPC.

Search Network PPC is easily summarised as being synonymous with search engines; with the use of targeted keywords advertisers are able to bid for certain keywords and have their ad at the top of Google and related search engines results.

Search Network

Most of us are now familiar with how PPC campaigns work, which has resulted in a majority of companies managing their own pay-per-click campaigns with ease and little effort. However very few companies understand the effective strategies behind running a successful PPC campaign which will gain you greater conversions for the lowest possible CPC.

Google Search Network Example
Google Search Network on Mobile example

What you get with Apple Search Marketing.

Instant results by appearing on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Targeted leads and lead generation by obtaining more clients from both web and mobile devices

Customised campaigns by your qualified Google campaign manager targeting the right clients for your business

Detailed reporting that provide you with your conversions and ROI

Ongoing website analysis for optimum conversions

Display Network

Although a lot of us are familiar with the Google search network, many of us are still unsure on how to run an effective Display Network PPC campaign, or very few of us even understand the benefits you receive from a display network campaign.

Just think of everything users can now do on the internet such as reading content, browsing social media websites, watching videos and viewing entertainment, in fact, on average, Australian users spend more than 21 hours a week on these websites.


Apple Marketing turns website browsers into website costumers; we do this by targeting the display networks with highly targeted remarketing campaigns which puts your banner ads to the right audience on all of the top sites.

What you get with Apple Search Marketing.

More traffic, phone calls and lead submissions through emails, form submissions and online purchases.

Customised display campaigns with CTA that attract the right customers for your business

Greater exposure to thousands of websites throughout the network

Increase product and brand recognition

Customised reporting on conversions and ROI

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