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SEO Coach

Search Engine Optimisation Training

SEO is one of the most complicated but necessary aspects of any online marketing campaign. If done correctly it will be the major driving force for your online sales and enquiries.

There are so many companies both nationally and internationally offering SEO services that it becomes an overwhelming decision for any business owner or marketing manger to make.

Our qualified and experienced search engine optimisation coach will arm you with all the knowledge you need in making the correct choices with your SEO campaign whether it be done in house or externally.

A Tailored Training Solution

Your search engine optimisation coach will come out to your company and simplify exactly what is needed for your business to get the organic listings you desire. They will provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to build on your new or existing SEO campaign.

Once your SEO coach comes out and analysis your business goals and projections they will show you all you need to know in building, managing and maintaining a successful SEO campaign.

What our SEO trainers will show you are:

  • Study & Analysis
    • Business Analysis
    • Competitors Analysis
    • Keyword Research
  • Your Website
    • Design & Architecture of your website
    • Importance of search on mobile devices
    • Keyword Research
  • Onsite Optimisation
    • HTML and SEO
    • Getting your source code ready
    • Implementing Onsite Optimisation
  • Offsite Optimisation
    • Link Building Strategies
    • Link Building Tools & Techniques
  • Getting Results
    • SEO Tracking
    • Tracking & Analysis Tools
    • Ongoing SEO

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