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Social Networking

With over 1 billion people using Facebook, we will help you connect with the right ones.

There are many different social networking sites available and working out which ones will work for you can be a challenging task.

We have had vast experience in delivering measurable results when it comes to social networking, whether it be to create brand awareness or deliver conversions.

Offering blended social media campaigns across a number of social media sites such as:

Complete management of accounts is provided as well as measuring and monitoring your social media ROI.

There are two ways you can target your clients with social media, both described below.

PPC in Social Networking

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ offer Pay Per Click which allows us to target your customers through specific Geographic’s such as age, sex, location, employment, job title, likes, dislikes hobbies and interests.

There are a number of ways which you can tailor a campaign to give you a ROI and increase your companies exposure.

PPC is the fastest way to gain more likes, followers or circles which will put you in a position to start with a great organic campaign

PCC and Social Networking

Organic Social NetworkingOrganic Social Networking

Typically generating organic likes or followers can be somewhat time consuming. But following on from an effective PPC campaign you can build and maintain on your client base. We offer social media solutions that will help you gain control of your market share so you can watch your social media community grow.

We also provide in depth analytics reports so you can see how much your social networking campaign is benefiting your business.

Organic Social Media

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